As the holidays start approaching us quickly, I wanted to share some simple ways you can start to prepare your home to feel more cozy and ready for the season before you bring out your main holiday decor. As I mentioned in previous posts, our Thanksgiving in Canada was last month, so we already have our decor up for Christmas and slowly adding to it as we go. Simple touches like a seasonal scented hand soap (this frosted gingerbread one smells so good) or candles make it smell like Christmas in your home and ease you into the spirit. It’s one of the ways I like to make it feel more festive in our place!

We start bringing out more cozy blankets, digging for the Christmas DVDs (my husband and I love Home Alone), picking up my favourite hot chocolate (DIY Hot Cocoa station video from last year – watching this back I was very hyper on sugar, lol!), cute marshmallows and cozy scents. I even get this Christmas Cookie body wash (it makes us feel very festive even washing up, lol). We love having movie nights when we can even though this time of year is really busy, we enjoy more of this a few days before Christmas). I shared how we have a cozy movie night in (in last year’s Vlogmas video) you can watch here!

I will be doing another Home Tour (blogpost + video for vlogmas) and was thinking of splitting it up into rooms this year (Living area, Kitchen, Bedroom – haven’t decorated this room for Christmas in the past so thought it would be fun and the powder room). Let me know if you guys like that idea! It’ll still be a few weeks before I get that post up, but I did do a helpful round up collage of Christmas decor (including our flocked tree we always get asked about) in this post if you’re shopping early for decorations. I also have a video from last year of us putting up our tree here (found this flocked tree that looks close to ours).