It is more blessed to give than to receive | Acts 20:35

I love sharing my personal style, travels and inspirations on this platform with you all every week. I also
love it when I can use this outlet to share remarkable companies, efforts and organizations. Last month
while in L.A. we had the pleasure of having dinner with the beauty behind The Giving Keys, Caitlin Crosby.
The premise behind these necklaces is to embrace the word on your key, and when you meet someone
who needs the message more than you, give it away. During our dinner, Caitlin gave her necklace
to the waitress after she complimented her on it. Later that evening she slipped a note and shared how rough the
last month of her life has been, and the simple act of kindness made such a difference. As I watched the waitress
wrap her arms around Caitlin in gratitude, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by how powerful
these keys really were. It wasn’t the key so much that had the significance, it was the act of kindness and
giving. Those acts alone change hearts, lives and attitudes. We need more go-givers than go-getters.
The Giving Keys also gives back in another remarkable way — they hire those transitioning out of homelessness.
I was so inspired by the heart behind this company and the difference they make for so many lives is
a true testament to their mission. Learn more about The Giving Keys here.

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