Sweater: Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Similar // Sandals: Tory Burch (similar style) // Coin Necklaces: here and here // Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull LG

Hey loves! Coming off the long weekend feeling more rested than last week and grateful for it! I’ve already started pulling pieces in my closet that can help me transition for summer to fall. Am I the only one who craves fall in the middle of summer? It’s been a little too hot lately in Toronto or major thunderstorms (two extremes that aren’t fun to be outside for), so I am actually hoping things cool down soon.

Getting a little personal here because I’ve been a little on and off social media, you might have not even picked up on it (not on the regular scheduled programming), but thought if this could help someone out there, then I should share it. This month started off a little bit intense. We have a lot going on in my family: not to go into a lot of detail here but would love prayers for health and healing for multiple members battling illnesses). In addition to that, I’m working on finalizing my new website design, SS Print Shop relaunch/website and product lines for Fall 2018 and all of the other projects we are juggling for blog and YouTube content. I did have a few moments where I felt like I couldn’t do it all and process everything emotionally but I just kept coming back to grace. God has endless amounts of this for us and others. I felt it wash over me, and prepare me for another week ahead. Grace coming from others toward me, grace off the pages of my devotionals that feel like love letters from God Himself that comfort me.

Life can change so quickly, it’s busy and hectic and filled with messy moments but if you choose to see that God can use any bad situation or roadblock to do something GOOD, it gives you the strength to go through all of the feels and trials. Our suffering and pain is never wasted. He can always do something to bless others or ourselves with challenges that are used to help us grow. It was a long weekend in Canada (yesterday was a holiday) and we had a really nice family pool day, Neal enjoyed golfing, Lucy got groomed, our place got semi-cleaned (lol) and now we’re ready for a new week, refreshed and rested. We didn’t try to get all of our shoots done, we didn’t try to tackle more — we just stayed present and sometimes you need to do that. I will always be professional and get the work we need to get done completed, but I don’t feel the pressure to post or show up and pretend if I am just not feeling it and going through other things. We don’t know what lies ahead, but I am choosing to go into this week with optimism, filled with hope that God can do some incredible stuff in our lives in the days ahead.

Huge Love to you guys! xoxo