One of the questions I get asked the most is how I edit my photos (@stephsterjovski)! I take promotional photos for my shop, editorials for blogposts, and with all of the fancy software out there to edit, I get the most compliments on my Instagram feed edits! There are so many great apps out there now and it really has made things so much easier at the touch of your fingertips. Here are my favourite apps & how I like to use them…


PICTAPGO: I love using this app to brighten and filter, and you can adjust to your preference. Sometimes I’ll just do a quick edit in here and then take it to a few other apps to achieve a certain aesthetic…


SNAPSEED: I love using the brush tool in this app to de-saturate areas in the background I want to be more muted (see the before and after below)…P-3

…So now I can allow the subject in focus to really pop! This is especially helpful when you are trying to keep your feed cohesive and you can mute out any other tones in the image that are distracting. In this case, I wanted my outfit to stand out and the rest of the pieces in my closet to fade in the background.

Now on to the right screen I take this photo into my next app…

FACETUNE: I love the “details” feature in FaceTune! You can really sharpen specific elements and make them pop in a photo by lightly brushing over the area with your finger tips.

Now onto selfies…


VSCO: I love using VSCO for that matte film filter on all of my photos. They even have a free bundle of presets called “hypebeast” that you can download, I love using HB1.

More examples following my steps above…







Did you know you can also “shop” my Instagram feed? I enable all of my photos with a ready-to-shop link using liketoknow.it! Three easy steps: you sign up HERE, then like my photo & you will get an e-mail in minutes with direct links to shop. Super simple & helpful, so you don’t have to search for the exact piece yourself. You can also scroll down to the bottom of my website and click on the squares which have everything linked as well (in case you didn’t know about this feature on my site already).

If you have anymore questions regarding Instagram/editing, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments below! Hope you found this tutorial and my apps helpful! Happy instagramming! XOXO