I know a lot of you are in organizing mode, as it’s the beginning of a new year and since I get asked so many questions about my closet, I thought now was a good time! I am going to do an updated closet tour post (including a video on my channel), but since we’ll be filming that later this month, I wanted to get something out now to help you (a fun weekend project).

To start off, I get asked where my closet system is from all the time and the answer to that is it’s an IKEA PAX Wardrobe! It was the most affordable option, and since we don’t have much closet space in our condo I needed to add more functionality! This was the perfect option in my “cloffice” (that’s closet/office), and it ended up being so pretty and useful! You customize it yourself when you’re in IKEA, and it’s as easy as dragging and dropping what type of shelves you want and where. Totally customizable to how you’d like it! I decided to keep mine open concept without doors because I wanted a “boutique” feel and felt the doors would make the room smaller. Getting dressed up is a huge part of my job, so I wanted to have a space to inspire me when pulling looks for my blog! Sharing more tips for organization below…

To keep everything cohesive, I got all of my hangers in the same style, shape and colour (also from IKEA), these are also very cute here. This little detail gives it that “boutique” feel I was going for!

I made the top shelf to store shoes, and it’s deep so a box can fit behind another box (amazing for maximizing space). I love clear boxes so you can still see what you have and it makes it easier when putting a look together.

In the middle I wanted more gaps in the shelves to display my handbags and high-end heels, and then just under that a glass area to create pretty vignettes. I usually have fresh flowers, fashion books, perfume etc. I love these glass jars (small & large) for storing lipsticks, cotton balls, makeup sponges etc. It’s a chic and functional way to display your everyday tools!

On the far left, I wanted a spot to hang shirts, blazers, and jackets. Under that I put a pull-out drawer where I could store belts, flat clutches etc. and below that pants and more shoes!

Organizing your bottoms by colour, and also style (dressy, casual, workout, denim etc.) makes it so much easier when getting dressed! I do have another closet where I store my copious amounts of sweatpants, but those are folded and tucked away.

On the right side of my wardrobe, I hang pretty blouses and under pull out drawers for jewellery, makeup (I store inside these), beauty supplies (I store inside these) and all of my office supplies, notebooks etc. are in the bottom drawers.

Beside that section I created an area where I could hang long maxi dresses and coats! Under that I made a basket area where I could store even more shoes (yes, I have a lot of shoes). My winter boots either go in our front hall closet or storage (when it is not in season) to make extra space. If I had more space, I’d love to do an entire shoe wall (this unit would be great for that, you could probably stack one on top of the other).

I love having a little chair in the corner to sit where I can put on my shoes and it’s also a fun spot where friends can sit and hang while we get ready or hang! I love pouring wine and chatting with my girlfriends in this spot. My chair is from West Elm (two years ago), but I also love this one and this one for a closet area. I’d also add a tufted ottoman if I had more space in the middle – I think it would glam it up more. A faux fur rug adds some warmth and texture to the space, so that’s another piece I think is a must-have!

This pull out tray divider was another add-on from IKEA that I love for displaying and organizing my sunnies, jewelry etc. I love how it keeps everything in one place! If you want to add sectionals to the insides of your cupboards these are great for that!

I wanted the wall space to be used as much for decor, as for functionality. I had the idea to hang simple wall hooks (they’re going to be covered anyway) to display some of my favourite hats. Under that I got this wire bin from Urban Outfitters (I love their home decor) where I can store mail, magazines etc. by my desk. I love that it doesn’t look too busy, but fills the empty wall! You could also hang this wire grid for inspiration images (if you want a similar look).

Hope you found this post helpful and it inspires you to get organized and make your closet a relaxing, fun space to get dressed and ready everyday! Let me know if you liked this post and if you want to see more like this in the comments below…

Photos by annawithlove from my condo tour in 2016 (you can view here) & an updated condo tour here as of last fall!