It’s that time of year, coming off the holidays, parties, feasts and sugar where a lot of people get sick! I try to do my best to strengthen my immune system all winter long with a few natural steps, to prevent getting infections and common colds. These tips would be more preventive, but I do use some to treat symptoms, if and when I do get sick occasionally. Of course, if you are ill, please see your health care professional and consult them on the products below as well before taking them. Here are some of my favourite natural immune boosters…


My friends tease me for having a bottle of this in my purse at all times and probably even smell like oregano most of the time (hey, I love it) but this stuff really works!! It has anti-fungal, antiseptic properties that can kill bacteria and others causes of candida in your system. It’s a great “defender” if you feel a cold coming along, that’s a natural option! I discovered this years ago from my naturopath and always have it on me when I travel too!


Whenever I am feeling congested (usually when I wake up) and almost feel like I can’t breathe through my nose, I use a nasal spray! A simple saline mist will do (usually just salt and water in the ingredients, which I like — the more natural the better). It clears out my sinuses and really works. I use this as needed, not everyday and if I ever get a sinus infection it does wonders for flushing out everything!


Saunas are amazing for your health! If you have one at your gym, take advantage of it. Another way to steam out your sinuses when you feel a cold coming on is to take a shower, or you can put some hot water in a bowl with two drops of essential oil (something like eucalyptus would be best) and put a towel over your head while you breathe in the steam. Take breaks and lift your head! Also, be careful not to put too many drops of essential oil because it can really burn your eyes/nose etc. as the steam lifts the minty fragrance! I want to make these shower discs you can put on the tile and let the steam melt the oils for you to breathe in (you use 2 cups of baking soda, 1 cup of water and 15 drops of essential oils of your choice and pour them into paper muffin liners and let it stand overnight).


Having a spoonful of honey (on its own) or in your tea can soothe your throat and it also has antibacterial properties! I also have these Manuka Honey Drops on hand in our pantry and they taste great.


Saving the best for last, but really, what you eat makes a huge difference in your immune system. If everything you’re having is processed, filled with starches, sugars and sodium, chances are if there’s a cold going around you’re going to get hit first! A way to make sure you’re getting your daily Vitamin C & Zinc would be to take a supplement daily. I love these Elderberry gummies and take them everyday. They are gluten and gelatin-free as well!


I drink 3L of water every. single. day. There’s nothing better to detoxify your body than good old classic water. It flushes out toxins, improves your skin, prevents headaches and YES, boosts your immune system! Make sure you are getting enough everyday. I love this water tumbler for keeping track during the day. Fill it up three times and you’ve hit your goal for the day.


Bone broth is amazing for a multitude of ailments: allergies, anxiety, bloating, colds and flus, stress, insomnia, indigestion, stress, pms and more! You don’t have to just drink this when you’re sick, it’s a hearty and extremely healthy snack to have any day of the week that will give your body so many nutrients. Check out this recipe!


Guys, I LOVE comfort food, but really want to try to have less dairy, sugar and grains in my diet and putting the purest nutrients in my body this year! I ordered this book by Danielle Walker and can’t wait to start cooking from it! The best way to keep your immune system strong is to feed it the foods we were meant to eat.


You got it. Stay positive sister! (or brother) — stress can cause many health issues, and your immune system is no exception. I love keeping a gratitude journal, praying, playing with my Lucy (dogs have always helped with my anxiety, I literally don’t want to live without one, ever) and taking baths (when I had one). Whatever makes you happy, focus on that!

Hope you found these tips helpful and stay healthy this season! xoxo