I’m slowly transitioning my closet and bringing out pieces that feel more “fall” even though it’s scorching hot out still (immediately blasted A/C in the car after we shot this look). I know many of you are looking for more fall pieces and want to get those up for you as soon as possible to help you shop! This blazer works well for the workplace, but then you can have some fun with this look on weekends/dinner after work by pairing some cute high waisted denim, a graphic tee and pumps (or sneakers). It’s polished but still very relaxed! Do me a favour and always roll up the sleeves on your blazers (it makes your whole outfit feel more effortless and stylish).

Now on to something I wanted to chat with you all about! If you follow me on Instagram you know every week I do Q&A Sundays where you can ask me anything. I want to dive in to more topics here on my blog, so if you want me to cover anything (faith, relationships, friendship, marriage, family, work-life balance, productivity etc.) leave me a comment below or e-mail me if you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly! I’ll be keeping it anonymous and covering it once a week here. I just love the community we have and all of the great questions you leave me via DM/Q&A Sunday, so if you want me to elaborate on anything I would love to start doing that more consistently!

I’m one of those people where I either keep it super light, or we go deep. I can’t do small talk very well (it’s not enough substance for me), I always want to go deeper. I invest a lot of time in my friendships: understanding them, helping them and supporting them in anyway I can and I consider you all my friends! So if you would like, I want to talk about more than just clothes, beauty and home decor (although I love that stuff, and we will continue to bring a lot of it your way). I want this place to be more than surface level and more of a place to build community, helping one another and chat about important issues/struggles and grow together! Leave me your thoughts down below…