There’s a few good reasons why I am obsessed with Coachella. Firstly, outdoor music festivals are my FAVE! I’ve been to too many concerts to count in my lifetime, but there’s something so amazing about being on the grass and jamming out. My favourite was Jack Johnson in the Summer of ’08 up in North Ontario. Next up, it’s located in Palm Springs (hello dream vaca!), I have always wanted to stay at The Parker Hotel. Coachella also gives you a great excuse to rock the most fab, colourful outfits and channel your inner “hippie.” You’ll be subjected to wearing flowers in your hair, high waisted shorts and tropical prints are preferred (e.g. banana plant leaves, flamingos, pineapples, that sort of thing). I have no complaints about any of the above! The festival wrapped up on the weekend, so this is when I love checking out all the “street style” — these are my top three looks I snagged off Harpers Bazaar. I spy a fellow Framework girl (hey Mariel!), who’s look was perfection, rocking her own Party Skirt. I had to know where this pineapple purse appeared from, so I fiercly searched the web and discovered, tragically, it was from H&M – only last year! Totally crushed. Anybody want to knit a pineapple for moi!? Hit me up girl 🙂

Photo credit: Craig Arend, Harper’s Bazaar