Now, when it comes to skincare you usually have to wait more than a week to start seeing results but because I usually mix different brands and treatments I wanted to just see how my skin would respond to using everything from the same line for 7 days. I’ve been using various different Tula Probiotic Skin Care products for a few years now and really love their line! I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and so using ingredients that are gentle, but effective are what I’ve gravitated to in the past. If you don’t already know I kind of love researching holistic nutrition and believe everything has a root cause and will get to the bottom of it! With my skin I believe it’s an issue of the gut and hormonal imbalance that can be triggered from stress. Probiotics help the gut function properly and release toxins, so finding this skincare line made a lot of sense when it came to inflammation in my skin! When you’re stressed your brain, skin and gut know! It’s all about finding balance. If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel you’ll know I shared my morning winter skincare routine during vlogmas and used a few Tula products in there. My coupon code has changed since then to: STEPHJOLLY for 15% off (FYI). Let’s get in to it…

Cleanse + Exfoliate

I started off with using the cult classic purifying cleanser. I always like to keep my reviews and honest and real with you guys. Personally I love this cleanser for the morning, it’s not my favourite for removing my makeup. I usually will use a cleansing balm/oil or makeup wipe before I go in with this cleanser. I cleanse my face twice with this and then go in with the So Polished sugar scrub. This has been my favourite, especially for the winter. Even though it’s gentle for my skin, I notice it really does a great job at getting a deep clean in! It’s true what their website says — it smells like a beach vacation (which I really need right now, lol).

Face Mask Treatment

The Detox In A Jar was one of my first introductions to the brand two years ago and I fell in love right away. I haven’t tried any of their other masks (but I am curious to), but I have to say this one is lovely. When my skin is having a hard time (like right now) and I feel congested, I put this on and my face feels a lot smoother. I’ve been dealing with a lot more texture, so anything that smoothes me out I’m a fan of. I steamed my face with this at-home facial steamer (found this one on Amazon too) before applying and it makes a huge difference in terms of results! That’s my tip for masking at home!

Face Primer & Moisturizer

Keeping it simple, after cleansing or masking I just hydrated (I didn’t try any of the toners or serums in this week) and I found that my skin enjoyed being able to breathe and not piling on too many steps. One of my MUST-HAVE products from Tula’s line is their Face Filter Primer. I love wearing this on its own or under makeup.

The Verdict:

Overall, the week I decided to just use these products my skin felt hydrated and generally calm. I didn’t use any treatment products so of course I can’t speak to this from that perspective (dark spots, acne, wrinkles etc), however it did do a great a job of keeping me balanced and hydrated during this cold winter week. I’ve loved them for years and just wanted to try this out to see if it made a difference. I love mixing different lines, but sometimes simple is best. My skin requires me to switch things up because different concerns arise!

01. Purifying Cleanser // 02. Detox In A Jar Mask // 03. So Polished Sugar Scrub // 04. Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer // 05. 24-7 Moisture

Because I use and love Tula, they have given me a coupon code (STEPHJOLLY) for you to get 15% off, I can share with my readers if they want to give it a try too! This post isn’t sponsored in any way (and if it was, you can rest assured I always test products and would never recommend something I personally don’t think is good). I do receive product frequently from beauty brands and love trying out new things, but only share what I really love from my PR packages. Hope you enjoyed this post (let me know if you’d like more of these honest reviews) in the comments below!

*NOTE: Tula does not ship to Canada at this time as they used to (bummer I know, hopefully working on it). At this time they only ship to the USA. You can purchase Tula products if you are interested on (however the coupon code only applies to Tula’s main website). Sorry for any inconvenience! I’m hoping they can change this soon!!