Anyone who knows me knows I’m a little bit of a “crazy dog lady.” Ever
since I was little I have just always felt a strong connection to animals,
particularly dogs. I can truly say that having one in my life has taught me so
much and has really been therapeutic in my life. Bandit and I, “the wolf,” are very attached to each other. I don’t
know if you FaceTime your dog while you’re away on vacation or business, but I
admittedly do. He has brought so much happiness in to my life over the 10
years of his life. Coming home to an excited puppy, wagging his tail and greeting you with
kisses – there is no better feeling.
Some of you may be thinking about bringing a pet in to your family
this Christmas – awesome! The Ontario SPCA iAdopt for the Holidays program will
be running for the next two months (until December 31st). If you’re not sure what type of a dog or cat to adopt, the “Meet Your Match” survey tool helps you evaluate an animal’s behaviour and interests, and
matches them to your preferences so you can take home a pet you can really
click with! You can also read pet adoption stories on iAdopt or share your own
story. I hope you will choose adoption this season, making a difference for
these amazing animals that will surely make a difference in your life as well!
Now for a fun giveaway! My friends over at Silhoupette are giving away
a beautiful sterling silver dog pendant (breed of choice, and engraved with
your dog’s name!). This is such a perfect way to celebrate a new or old member
of your family, and have your pup close to your heart at all times. Here’s how
you can enter:
the OSPCA, SS Life & Style and Silhoupette Facebook Pages and leave a
comment below letting us know you would like to be entered.
Winners will be
chosen at random and contacted a week from today. Good

Thank You for reading…xo, SS

Photo Credit: annawithlove for pretty fluffy