People always ask me what pieces I feel are worth the splurge when it comes to their closet. We commonly think bags, blazers etc. — which is totally true! Classic pieces like such should be purchased in the best quality to take you through the years. I’ve found some non-traditional items over the years of shopping that I have come to consider essentials (for my personal style). I’ll be sharing these in an on-going “investment guide” throughout the year. First up, for this season, the panama hat — this has quickly become a staple for me. It is the cure to bad hair days, sunny days, travelling, a beach day, weekend, concert, cottage etc. I had pined over one of these for a while, but couldn’t find the right fit or shade I had been looking for that suited me. Little did I know J.Crew had one right under my nose! I can’t tell you how much use I have had out of this hat in just a month from owning it, you might have noticed it makes frequent cameos on my Instagram (as seen below). If there is one piece I recommend you invest in this summer, it would definitely be the panama hat.