I spent most of this last year pregnant or postpartum, so I’d say I have a pretty good idea about what a mama would love/need during this special time and I’m including my top gifts down below…

The best things for a mama are the cozy things! I lived in robes pregnant and postpartum (they’re comfy and easily accessible for nursing, hehe). Button down pjs are also great for nursing (these are so soft and comfortable – any mom would love these).

Pampering is a wonderful gift, I loved this pregnancy peel face mask by juice beauty for my hormonal breakouts (pregnancy safe ingredients), the fearless mama belly butter (smells so good, clean ingredients and super moisturizing) and the summer fridays babymoon belly balm was great too!

Another great gift would be a custom necklace that says “mama” or if you know the baby’s name, you could also gift that to her as well. My bestie gave me this “G” diamond bracelet and I wear it all the time.

This Medela pillow is so clever because it works as a maternity pillow for sleeping and then you can use it for nursing! It’s also not huge which is nice because some of those maternity pillows can be massive and take up a lot of space. I love that you can make it flexible and shape to your baby or bump with the micro-pearl filling.

Fuzzy slippers were my fave to give my feet support while pregnant doing things around the house, at the hospital giving birth and postpartum to keep my feet warm while up in the night doing feeds. These ones are chic and warm!

Lastly, this tote insert works with any bag to make it an instant diaper bag! There’s a pocket for practically anything and so mama can pop this into any existing tote she has to help organize diapers, creams etc.

Love this Medela maternity and nursing pillow!

Postpartum/Nursing Basket Gift Idea

Another cute idea for a new mama would be making her a nursing or postpartum basket! You can fill it with snacks, wellness products, pampering items etc. For a nursing specific basket, I’d definitely include this lactation massager (helps get milk out of clogged ducts and massage sore breasts), these delish lactation cookies I snacked on a lot, a glass water bottle (because hydration is so key postpartum and breastfeeding), this amazing nipple butter, lactation tea, scrunchies and this wonderful book I used as my postpartum guide. If you know a mama in her third trimester, this would be a perfect gift to drop off to help her make herself a priority! I love that you can carry this caddy basket around from room to room, so she’ll always be able to bring her snacks, water bottle and essentials with her.

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