My new obsession since acquiring the Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer, has been this recipe/combo. I can’t wait to try other variations, but for now I am totally stuck on my carrot+apple+ginger juice every morning, it’s become routine, I cannot go a day without one. It is like drinking a glass of good health for the day. The carrots provide you a healthy serving of your vegetables for the morning, the apple adds some sweetness, and the ginger adds a dash of zest/spice. Some people add beet to this combo, but even though I love beets, I skip them for this, as it makes the juice too bitter for my liking. I’ll be bringing more of my favourite recipes right here as I go along testing out. As for the juicer, this one works like a charm if you’re on the market! (Available at Costco). Cleaning up is the no fun part afterwards, as you have to dissemble the juicer and clean the blades, garbage bucket etc. but it is all worth it. For one serving, use four large carrots, two green apples (get your greens in there!), and a small stem of ginger. A better idea would be to make a large pitcher for the week, and usually the bagged organic carrots and apples are the perfect serving for this. That way you only have to clean up the mess once! I personally just enjoy juicing it every morning 🙂

I try to eat organic as much as possible, as now there are so many hormones and pesticides in our produce causing multiple illnesses. It may be a pricier lifestyle, however I believe one should not cut back spending when it comes to their health! To balance out the costs, only buy organic for the “dirty dozen,” this list contains the most pesticides, the clean fifteen you can get away with buying non-organic. I love buying all organic for juicing however! Makes it that more worth it and pure, allowing all the benefits to work in my system.