One of the most common questions I get via e-mail & social media are about my hair. Where I get it
coloured, how I curl it, what products I use etc. One of my secret weapons is my Dove hair care army!
Ombre/balayage maintenance is pretty easy, since the colour doesn’t touch your roots, it can grow out
naturally, but through having the ombre process done for two years it’s caused some dry ends. I love
these Dove products because they repair the damage and help me maintain my colour for a longer
period. Conditioning has been my number one weapon, and I love how much Dove focuses
on that in their line. Once a week I give myself a little extra treatment, by distributing conditioner
throughout my hair when wet, and wrapping it in a bun for an hour. This extra step once a week keeps
my hair looking so healthy — a little beauty secret, from me to you!

This post was sponsored by Dove Canada, all opinions are my own.