Last year, at the beginning of December, we had a leak in our condo. We couldn’t figure out where (it was a lengthy process), and just before the holidays we were displaced, living out of suitcases, bouncing between our family’s homes. Little did we know, we were headed for more of a delay in figuring the leak out, repairing and moving back in because then a global pandemic struck in early 2020. It’s been such a wild ride coming back to this place we call home, but I am grateful that we could take our 2019 lemons and make it into some lemonade (we have to look at the silver lining of things and stay in gratitude)! We’ve always wanted to refresh the countertops in this kitchen but we were just never in the mood to take the plunge, and we were so busy traveling. Well, we had lots of time to think about it this year and I’m so glad we made that decision! We teamed up with the amazing HanStone Canada on these beautiful quartz countertops and a continuous backsplash. Latitude did the entire install and they were so meticulous and amazing to work with. If you’re Canadian or live in the Greater Toronto Area, I can’t recommend them enough! We documented the whole process in this mini vlog to share more about why we chose quartz, HanStone, the installation and entire makeover process below…

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Countertops: HanStone Quartz in “Montauk” (Located in Vaughn, Ontario)

Fabricator: Latitude (Located in North York, Ontario)

Outfit: Top, Pants, Necklace, Earrings

Barstools: Structube (similar here)

Jars with Cork Lid: IKEA (similar here)

Faux Plant: Similar at Target

Faucet & Handles: Home Depot