Image Credits: Fridge Storage // Jars // Kitchen // Spice Labels & Organization // Featured Image: The LifeStyled Co.

Hi Friends! You may have noticed I took a little break from my content as we’ve been moving back into our place. We had a lot of work to do over the past week, as we’ve spent half the year displaced. Last December, Neal and I had to move out of our condo due to a water leak (we thought it would only take a few weeks). Little did we know…we had to wait to figure out where the leak was coming from (it was a mystery in the middle of winter), wait for weather conditions, water tests and finally repairs. During the process our countertop was damaged upon removal, so we wanted to do a kitchen reno (to turn our lemons into lemonade) — everything takes time. Then, as you know, COVID hit and we had to pause all work on our condo due to the strict stay at home orders. We had to wait a few months until we got the green light to proceed and finally here we are now in June, back in our place (yay) and almost done our kitchen (just waiting on our backsplash). Excited to share the final reveal on my YouTube channel as well as here on the blog, but I thought it would be fun to share our inspiration for the kitchen and how we’re making it work in our little condo. I really wanted to do an overhaul of our pantry, fridge and more since we were starting fresh so I’ve included links to a few things I’ve been purchasing for our kitchen. I want our shelves to reflect the outside of our kitchen — sleek, functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye…

Back in January we visited HanStone Canada where we selected our quartz countertop (here’s a peek above). I’ll be sharing more on this process in an upcoming post, because we’ve been so happy with how everything turned out and the quality.

Cheese Board // Etsy Spice Labels // Spice Jars // Two-Tiered Lazy Susan (pantry) // Keurig Mini // Magnolia Table Vol. 2 // Glass Bottles // Smeg Tea Kettle // Stacking Acrylic Containers // Glass Containers w/ Bamboo Lids // Utensil Holder // Mixing Bowl