Lately I have been in the mood to create more! I love designing and crafting, it helps me escape for a little and gives me a sense of fulfillment when it is complete. I do that often on-line with my blog and prints, but there’s just something that is so authentic about hot glue gunning things together and touching material to create something beautiful. These are the three DIY’s I have plans to do in the next month or two…

DIY 1 // Gold Framed Chalkboard: I want to hang this next to my work table to write quotes, recipes and reminders. I already have chalkboard paint, all that I’d need to do is find a vintage frame to spray paint gold! Which is the other fun part about it, hunting at markets or thrift stores for the perfect one! The inspiration: 7thhouseontheleft.

DIY 2 // Stenciled Accent Pillows: I think pillows really complete bedding, and since I have a huge love for monograms and quotables, this is the perfect DIY for me! The inspiration: Lauren Conrad.

DIY 3 // Old Perfume Bottle Vase: This is brilliant! I can’t believe I never thought of this before. It’s a shame for your used up perfume bottles to go in the waste bin when they are so beautiful! I am a sucker for perfume packaging. This is just so effortlessly chic and I love that it refreshes the concept of a regular vase or mason jar. It will look darling on my vanity table. The inspiration: Pinterest.

Do you like to DIY? I’d love to see what you have created, or plan to!