Liquid lipstick — my current beauty obsession. At first I was hesitant, but now, we are in a full on lovefest. The trick to making it last and look good? I prep my lips first with a hydrating lip balm (I love Chanel’s hydra beauty or Dior’s smoothing plumping lip balm) because liquid lipstick will highlight dryness on lips. Make sure to moisturize those babies up first!

Once that sets, I over-line my lips, because I belong to the itty bitty lippy committee, I get a fuller look with liner. I literally never wear lipstick without liner anymore. My all-time faves are from MAC in Boldly Bare, Stripdown or Whirl to achieve my signature lip. I always go for a nude lip — but the same applies if you’re going for colour, always prep your lips and use liner.

After these steps, I then apply a regular lipstick. I use Fresh Brew from MAC as a base before I apply the liquid over top. The liquid lipstick is a little lighter, so by applying darker liner and a lip shade underneath, your lips look contoured and fuller. Then, just to the centre of lips I add the liquid lipstick (I love Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick and Melted by Too Faced – which is more glossy than matte) and press my lips together. It stays on practically all day and looks matte and full. Have you tried liquid lipstick yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know below! Kisses xoxo