Ombre is one of the most low-maintenance colour treatments (as it grows out naturally). To keep

my colour and prevent dry ends I have a few tricks up my sleeve (and products) that help my locks

feel the love. Your outer skin and hair’s conditions are reflections of what is happening on the

inside! They act as signifiers to silent issues inwardly taking place. Whenever someone asks

how I keep my hair so healthy, I immediately answer with “drink a lot of water!” You’ve probably

heard the same for your skin, but water is essential for releasing toxins and brings moisture

in to your skin and hair glands. Eating healthy is also a huge part of it. Eating the good fats like

avocado, fish or hemp seeds/oil can help make your hair shiny and healthy. Coconut Oil is another

huge way I care for my hair. I believe in doing this hair mask I shared on The Everygirl a while

ago at least once or twice a month when my ends are feeling dry (which if you have ombre then

you could probably up this by once a week for a deep treatment). Products come last! Most of the

time we are looking for a product to treat or help our hair care woes, but if you do all of the above

first, I can assure you any products you use will be able to activate the way they are intended to.

I love Kerastase’s masks for a deep root-to-end treatment, my hair literally has never been the same

since. I mostly use this if I have an event or travelling so that my hair gives me no-fuss.

It smooths out your hair, boosts shine and just makes it that much softer and easier to style.

The entire Kerastase line is really just outstanding when it comes to hair products, you can’t

go wrong with anything from any of their lines!

For shampoo & conditioner I love using MoroccanOil’s Moisture Repair. I only use this when

I have colour treated my hair, as dyes tend to dry out my ends. I am also obsessed with the smell,

it reminds me of my boyfriend’s cologne! I switch to Pureology when my ombre has grown out

and want to give my hair a break (sulfate-free). Another tip — don’t wash your hair everyday!

Rinse your body, but don’t wash your hair, the natural oils are healthy for you. Instead, use

a great dry shampoo or baby powder and try different hairstyles to get you to do 2-3 days of no wash.

Lastly, if you are colour treating your hair, go to a salon that use ammonia-free colouring. Ammonia

is a harsh chemical that does not need to be in your dye, or in your precious scalp! If you are in Toronto

I highly recommend Hair on The Avenue or their sister-salon, Medulla & Co. I hope you found these tips helpful,

remember: treat your body and everything apart of it with love and care and it will treat you the same!

S H O P M Y H A I R C A R E :

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Medulla & Co. Salon 809 Queen St. West, Toronto | Colour: Jazmin Lorenzoni | Style: Kelly Araujo

* Get the look on your own with a curling wand, I love this one and curl my hair under 10 minutes!