Writing this blog allows me to come across some truly amazing companies, Lovestar is one of them. I discovered them through another fabulous store, located in LA, called Faire Frou Frou and knew I had to purchase a neon vase for my close friend Tiffany for Christmas. She was obsessed! It was so uniquely her: neon + hearts (her fave) and functional (a vase to display her blooms!). A couple of weeks later Lovestar launched their fabulous gold glitter heart vase and were sweet enough to send me one. They are the perfect addition to any gallery wall, or on its own (as seen above)! I couldn’t decide where to place mine, so naturally I called on Tiff (who designed my bedroom) and she found the perfect spot right next to my reading nook where I spend most of my downtime. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love having fresh flowers, so I just love finding new and fun ways to display them in my place. I am totally in love with Lovestar!