January 1st, 2013. A day for reflection and a day that completely and utterly makes me feel so motivated to create balance, success, love and clarity for the year to come. One day, over a year ago, my friend Sarah forwarded me this remarkable woman’s blog, and ever since she has made such a positive impact on my life. I just hope that maybe I can be that person for you, to pass something along that really sticks with you. I loved her post on goal setting so much I felt convicted to share it with you all, because it is just so good and I truly want to see everyone succeed and be the best they can be this year. As women we should support each other and I feel so blessed to have found a community like this, even if it is through the internet. It doesn’t really matter how you find it. I realize how lucky we truly are when we have that type of support, it just fires you up even more. You can check out Part 1 of the post here on Making Things Happen in 2013, and check out all of Lara’s other links as well (Southern Weddings Magazine + Making Things Happen).

So, yesterday I sat down with a notebook that I have held on to for a while, that was blank. It’s titled “dreams.” Now I have to admit I was first attracted to it because of the gold gilded pages and embossed cover, oh and don’t forget the turquoise! I really loved it though because of the title on the front, “dreams that I want to make happen will go in here” is what I said to myself. I never really got around to filling in the pages until I came across Lara’s post. I used these steps for goal setting and like I mentioned yesterday was able to set intention going forward. I think in life you have to do things intentionally. It is a repeated act we must do everyday, in order to not abandon our goals. Just making that small step to jot down what you want more of or less of in your life to improve it, can create such a big impact. Studies have proven that we are more likely to do things if we write them down. I am the to-do list queen, I practically have to write everything down: an essay’s due date for class, scheduling shoots, mailing prints or just notes like remember to smile and trust God. Be intentional and write it down. The whole reason why I began SS Print Shop was to have powerful words in your face everyday, to always encourage and motivate you. To fire you up! I have recieved so many beautiful e-mails telling me how an innocent little reminder on the wall in the form of one of my prints, has been a great source of encouragement. Putting that together and shipping words like that out to you all makes me feel so good. I’ve got my goals in my mind and on paper to hold myself accountable. Grab a pen and paper and make things happen, you owe it to yourself! You deserve the best life.