Spring is all about renewal, and as the next season approaches I think it’s time to freshen up the beauty routine! In the winter my skin tends to feel dull and heavy from packing on the thick moisturizers to prevent dry skin. From the freezing cold outside, to the blasting furnace inside that is very drying, it’s tricky to get a routine down without our skin having a total freakout. Springtime however adds warmth and balance, and it feels so good to let the skin breathe more, and wear less. I love playing up my tan with some bronzer, but very lightly and naturally applied, I definitely don’t dig thick makeup in the heat – or ever. To have that flawless makeup application however, and be able to get away with a sheer tinted moisturizer, healthy skin is key! Bare with me in this long post, I have a lot of (good) things to say about these products that have drastically changed my skin.

After a long Canadian winter, I start using products that are going to help detox, resurface and renew! A while ago I received a Sephora sample of the “Brazilian Peel.” Oh my word this product changed my life! That excitement was ripped out from me quickly, as I discovered that it was not sold in Canadian Sephoras (most likely because an ingredient isn’t approved here yet), and was so confused as to why it was even given out as a sample! It’s not a fun day when you learn that your new holy grail is unavailable in your country, let me tell you. Needless to say, you can purchase it on-line now if you are a Canadian resident! I was happy I gave the peel a try because I discovered just how much my skin looooves glycolic acid. Instead of going to the spa every month for a pricey facial, you can treat yourself once a week for a month with (in my opinion) an even better result. The Brazilian Peel is worth every penny, because it gives you instant results as if I had paid thousands a la real housewives style. Medical-strength glycolic peel right at home! Right after the mask my skin was firm, and my pores were tight which gave off this glow (not shine). It helped with any discolouration and inflammations as well, giving you skin that you never want to apply makeup to cover up ever again. However, if you’re not an avid on-line shopper, live in Canada, and want to pop in to your local Sephora I started hunting down other products similar to that and fell in love with REN skincare as well. The glycol mask and AHA concentrate are a close runner up to the power of the Brazilian Peel, and the Invisible Pores Detox Mask is perfect for those breakouts around that “time of the month.”

As I mentioned earlier, your makeup will look only as good as your skin does, so it is important to take care of that first. For the spring, I always use the Estee Lauder sheer tinted moisturizer (my second holy grail). It adjusts to your skin tone, and even makes you a little bit more tan and glowing (clearly I am obsessed with glow factor). The coverage is less than what you get with a BB Cream for example, but I love that because it’s natural and fresh looking. I want my skin to look like skin, not like makeup. Cream blush adds a dewy flush to the cheeks which I love and I have been eyeing this one from YSL in a bright baby pink. I will never use any bronzer other than Chanel’s, it goes on like it has been air brushed and all of my friends/family have been converted to using it! Lastly, I love a good nude lip to keep everything simple and fresh, Top Shop’s “Nevada” & Illamasqua’s “Intimacy” are a deadly combo. Hope these suggestions can help you out when freshening up your beauty routine!