Dress: Storets // Hat: Storets // Glasses: Nordstrom // Sandals: Sam Edelman // Bag: Zara // Prayer Miracle Necklaces: Revolve // Esther Earrings: Five & Two Jewelry

I always like to start Mondays off here on the blog with something motivating! I feel like the word “love thy neighbour” has been heavy on my heart lately. Mister Rogers was my favourite show growing up, and set a lot of the foundation of how I look at others in the world through his principles (kindness is a strength and everyone has value). Everyday on the news/social media and in communities people are spewing hate in some kind of way toward other religions, races and how people choose to identify themselves. I’m pretty much strong and solid in what my beliefs are and what my faith calls me to do and that is to love others. Period. I am called to love my neighbour (no matter what or who they are) and not judge anyone for how they choose to live their lives. Jesus spent time with people from all walks of life and He was kind to all of them. Jesus is kind — you be kind. I have people in my life who have asked me to comment on certain controversial issues and my answer is always the same: Love God, Love people.

I think it’s all about proximity. Whatever you’re closer to in your life you understand better. If you are closer and surround yourself with more diverse people and they are your friends, you’re probably going to understand different perspectives better and feel a lot more protective when things are said against them that aim to hurt (and not to help or understand people better). If you’re only surrounding yourself with people who think like you, look like you and act like you, then that’s where people become close minded. I’m not here to tell anyone how to live their lives but if you really want to be an example to others you can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips. I am called to help bring more light in, more love in and more grace in. Make room for others and let them know they are loved. Live in gratitude and smile at strangers on the street. It’s so easy to complain on a Monday about your job, your circumstances etc. If you’re not liking the life you’re living currently, the best way to feel better about that is to go make someone else’s life who is less fortunate than you better. The other thing is, when you’re living in gratitude it turns what you DO have into enough. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a laptop or an iPhone and live a pretty blessed life even if it doesn’t feel like it because of whatever circumstances you’re in. I think this world needs a lot more love on the streets, on social media and in everyone’s hearts and gratitude can change a lot of that.

I just want to encourage you to be open to everyone in this world and get closer to others. I have friends and family from all walks of life and I am so proud to say that. I have friends who identify as gay and straight (they’re all amazing, funny, hilarious and bless my life). I have friends and family who subscribe to a different faith than my own and are culturally diverse. I love and protect these people in my life. They are special and important to me, and it hurts me to see others be cruel or hateful towards them, especially from people who claim to follow the law of love. I also believe God loves them so much and they all deserve kindness and respect. So that’s my stance on that and loving everyone around you. I guess I just feel like this message should go out in the world today and I’ve always found it just common sense to act this way. I also do not care to argue with people on the internet — but everyone is different, regardless, I felt it on my heart to share what I think. A book I read recently that I absolutely love called Everybody Always by Bob Goff (he’s one of my favourite people on earth that inspires me)  says this: The way we treat the people around us is the way we’re treating Jesus. A little food for thought as you go about your day and week and encounter different people at work, school or at the market. You were born into a time and with certain people placed in your life for a purpose. You might have just come to this post to get my outfit details (and that’s cool too) but if you stuck around to read this, I hope you’ll receive this message and be vessels of love and light. I felt so much darkness last week with all of the suicides, tragedies, news and hatred I consumed through the media, that this week I just wanted to share what I believe we are all called to do no matter what we believe or who we are, and that’s to LOVE people. Hurting people hurt others and themselves and they need grace too. Spread more love out there friends, our world needs it desperately.

Today’s Word: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these. MARK 12: 30-31