The way you spend your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Over the years of getting in to my own groove, I have created a mindful, calming, intentional way to start my days that has helped me maximize my energy, creativity and productivity throughout the day…

The first thing I do when I open my eyes (before brushing my teeth, reaching for my phone etc.) is pray. I love talking with God, and I invite the Holy Spirit to come with me on my day.

This sets my intention for the day and I feel this sense of calm, like God’s got me.

When I get out of bed, I let Lucy out of her crate and I go and brush my teeth. Her and I go on the couch and cuddle together, and I love to either read my devotional on my app or open my She Reads Truth bible to meditate on a few verses. I start my day off with a lot of water, so I’m energized and hydrated.

After a little time on the couch, I like to get up and start cooking a healthy breakfast. Avocado toast, fried eggs and a healthy smoothie are my favourites. I’ve never had a hard time making healthy choices for breakfast, my body craves those nutrients and if I start with a croissant or a donut (which we don’t even keep in our place) then I know my body will crash from the carbs and sugar. I need fuel to get the most out of my day and I feel the most productive in the mornings!

After breakfast, we like to take Lucy on a walk, or if she crashes into her first nap of the day then we take advantage and start on our work! I usually start it off with answering urgent e-mails, and then make a to-do list of any shoots, content, contracts or invoicing that needs to be done. I don’t post on Instagram until late morning, so I love that I just have the beginning of the day to myself! I also keep my phone on airplane mode so that I can be present and focus on what needs to be done that way I can always guarantee my day starts of productive without distractions.

Slip Dress: Anthropologie | Earrings: Club Monaco

My morning routine is quite simple, and if I have more time, I’ll add in a shower, skincare routine etc. Most days, I just love waking up to my husband, our puppy and worship music (Hillsong United is our fave). It really does sustain me longer in the day when I can set my intentions on things that matter, rather than just rolling out of bed and panicking to be the best, make more money, get more followers, get more things, be happier and get a million things done which I think we all fall victim to at times. I have everything I need when I wake up — that’s what I meditate on, and that’s what keeps me blessed.

Shirtdress: H&M (similar here)

What’s your morning routine? Let me know in the comments below…xo

Photography By: annawithlove

Location: The June Motel, Prince Edward County