Yesterday was my favourite day ever, because it was my love’s birthday.
I am so blessed by God that he brought this man to my life, he makes everyday easier,
and naturally, happier. He does things without looking for a return. Whether it’s to help me with work,
my family, etc. He is my best friend, and the first person I come to
whether something exciting or upsetting has happened. I want him first.
He is mature beyond his years and I love just sitting back and watching him grow
into the man he was meant to be. He is immensely charming and patient, beyond what I
could ever muster up into words. He has made me a better person & has encouraged
and made me confident to do the work that I do, which makes all the difference.
I love you and that you came in to my life, God Bless You.

P.S. This photo is just a little sneak peek at the shoot we had with the talented Natasha Givens. More to come soon!