If you’ve been following me since forever, you know I started my online presence out mostly as a then-wedding photographer, freelance makeup artist and print shop owner! Designing wall art that was affordable, attainable and inspirational was my passion and creative outlet that grew into my full-time job where I eventually had my pieces sold in larger retailers like Chapters-Indigo, Pottery Barn, Homesense, Wayfair and more!

Balancing my shop, a busy travel schedule (we were flying out every other month), a growing blog/social presence has been a challenge over the years. I’ve had to slow some things down in different seasons, but returning with this collection means a whole lot to me. With the start of a new chapter in 2020, new blog, an upcoming podcast where we hope to tackle meaningful topics – I wanted to come out with The Grace-Filled Collection. It’s an extension of my existing brand and direction I plan to go forward in. I created these to encourage you, to remind you where you worth comes from (not in things, not in how you look and not in what you have/don’t have). To remind you, you are loved and seen. To remind you of grace. An incredibly hard concept in today’s world because it is the definition of giving the opposite of what people deserve. I hope these words of grace pour into your life, on your walls, in your homes and spark conversations or serve as reminders.

Peace and Grace,