If you read my post on balancing hormones (for my fertility and overall health) then you know I’ve chosen to simplify my skincare routine and clean up the ingredients I put on my face daily. This would be my routine when I’m not wearing any makeup and just hanging out at home! Below i’m sharing a few of my absolute favourite clean brands and products I use on the daily (I switch it up if I have different skin concerns), but for the most part I don’t deviate from this routine right now…



I’ve been using Drunk Elephant’s Jelly Cleanser for over a year now – it’s a clean at Sephora stamped product and does what it says! It purifies and dissolves my makeup so well. It’s not filled with anything medicated or crazy so it doesn’t irritate my skin, but it just does a really good job getting everything off and feeling super clean!


I’ve been spending a lot more time in the sun now that the weather is FINALLY improving in Toronto, so that means SPF! This one looks beautiful on the skin on it’s own, it’s got this sheer glow (not glittery) which I love. Most sunscreens look chalky, this one glides on really nicely. I have a code for TULA you can use at anytime that never expires (thankful to them for providing this for my community): STEPHJOLLY for 15% off!

Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer

During the day I like to put on a little somethin’ somethin’ just to make myself feel awake and alive! If you buy one thing from this post – BUY THIS! Trust me, you won’t be able to live without it. It just evens out my skin tone, gives your skin a fresh glow and works well on it’s own or under makeup. I wear it everyday as my “no makeup” face. It comes in a supersize now, which I am so happy about! Again you can use my code: STEPHJOLLY to help you save (right now they only ship to USA from their site but they sell Tula on Nordstrom as well).

Then, I usually just pop on a gloss (I love this Fenty one I recently got) and fill in my brows and that’s it!


I get that this wouldn’t go on your face, but it still goes on your skin! I discovered Primally Pure exactly a year ago and this was the first product I ever tried from them. Their Charcoal deodorant is the only one that’s worked for me and I really made sure to stick to it for my hormonal/fertility health. Many deodorants can disrupt your hormones and having breast cancer run in my family — this was always something I cared about switching (after reading up on the link between deodorants and breast cancer). As you can see, the above reasons made this a NECESSARY change for me in my routine. Even when I’m home, I gotta pop some of this on (especially for the people quarantined with me, lol).

You can use my code: JOLLY10 to get 10% off and try out their amazing deodorants to make the switch!

Purchase this rotating skincare organizer here.



Again with the Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser!


I like to do any treatments in the evening to really work into my skin as I sleep, so if my skin is distressed I’ll use the Primally Pure Clarifying Serum (I also have a code you can use: JOLLY10). It helps to purify pores, even skin tone, brightens up dark spots and diminishes discolouration. I just add a few drops and press it into my skin or roll it out with my rose quartz face tool.

For texture I like to use this clearing and tone correcting gel from TULA.

If I want to brighten up dark spots, I use the Summer Friday’s CC Serum.

If my skin has felt extra dehydrated or needs some love I do the Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask as a sleep mask.

Eye Cream

I love La Mer’s eye concentrate, I have always had hyperpigmentation on my eye lids and under eyes so I naturally use makeup to brighten up those areas. Well, makeup sits in your wrinkles and produces more of them so using a good under eye cream has always been important to me!


I like to use a sleep mask on my lips or good old Burts Bees balm!

That’s how I’ve been keeping things simple in quarantine and for spring, really! I did a youtube video tutorial on how I give myself an at-home facial if you’re interested in adding a 1x a week treatment into the mix (watch it here). The less I use to overwhelm my skin, the more I’ve seen it improve. Shop my faves down below…