Ah technology…I have such a love/hate relationship as it’s brought so much convenience to our lives, but it also can bring a lot of toxicity (and not just mentally)! Something I am committed to doing (it’s a passion of mine) and continuing in 2022 is setting up wellness habits to protect myself and my family. I’m that concerned friend/family member making sure everyone’s taking their vitamins and looking into all the ingredients of everything, he he. Admittedly though, I had not learned enough about tech wellness until the later part of 2021. I discovered this wonderful account run by August Brice called @techwellness and went down a rabbit hole of amazing information (highly recommend you give her a follow for safety, privacy and digital wellness practices too)! I always learn something from her posts! Technology is inevitably a huge part of our world and our lives, we’re on our screens a lot, we depend on them for our businesses, education, convenience and more. Most of us have multiple devices and/or live around cell towers, and with all of that comes effects on our health (think headaches, eye sight strain, carpal tunnel, sleep issues, tech neck, electromagnetic field exposure to our cells and more). This even brings on a lot more anxiety for many (myself included) and so I knew I had to start looking into this more and putting up boundaries.

Having a healthier home set up with EMF protection, quality water and air was my goal for 2022! One of my favourite doctors to follow, Dr. Connealy has a whole blogpost/podcast on healthy home essentials you can listen to here. I love following her on Instagram as well, she is full of wisdom and healthy living tips to support our bodies! She also talks about the dangers of EMF and how they are linked to many diseases/fertility issues here.

Turning my phone on airplane mode often, wearing blue light glasses, having proper water filtration, and *gasp* getting rid of my Airpods! Did you know those convenient bluetooth headphones emit up to 70 times more EMFs than wired headphones? That is super scary for our brains. I instantly switched back to wired headphones when needed, but I typically just use my phone on speakerphone.

Below are more resources and links to products that have helped support our family’s home and wellness living with tech…

Blue Light Blocking Glasses // EMF Radiation Blocking Pad // Blue Light Screen Protector // Wired Headphones // Salt Lamp // Stylus Pen (less of your finger touching your tech is better)

This new year, I am continuing to put my wellness first, moving my body/stretching daily, grounding, cooking meals at home, journalling gratitude/reading over scrolling mindlessly, having proper filtered water, staying on top of my vitamins (especially D!) and creating a peaceful environment for myself as a new mom and the family. I’ll share more practices and helpful tools/tips/resources as I continue to navigate and learn more! xo