I am asked a lot about my hair (I love to switch it up every season) and since I just dyed my hair for summer I wanted to share how I keep it healthy since I color it frequently going from dark to light. Whenever I switch up my hair, I have to change my hair products (especially going lighter) — enter Moroccanoil’s ChromaTech Service! ChromaTech PRIME helps alleviate the discomfort during the color process by soothing the scalp area while prepping the hair for maximum color intake. It’s an essential in-salon pre-treatment before any color service. The second step is ChromaTech POST, a post color treatment to both chemically and mechanically repair the hair following your color service, sealing the cuticle for longer color retention! I really find prepping your hair before and after makes such a difference on color treated hair and makes the result last longer.

Coloring can dry out your hair, making it limp and break easily, so at-home care afterward is just as important.At home, I’ve been loving the line’s Color Continue Shampoo & Conditioner to keep my color vibrant and put moisture back into my locks! I decided to go ash blonde for the summer (my natural brunette is very ashy too) but I wanted it lighter so this was the perfect combo. However, with ashy tones usually also comes brassiness–whichI want to avoid! The environment, scubas pollution and UV rays,contributes a lot to the state of your color so I’ve been using Protect & Prevent Spray to prevent my hair from going brassy and keep my blonde ash. I find the ashy tone compliments my skin tone when I’m tanned as well. I loved discovering this line because as you know, I love changing up my hair and now I can keep it healthy in the process!

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