I grew up in a home that had plants in every corner, flowers in the front yard and a huge vegetable garden in our
backyard. I loved helping my grandpa take care of the living plants. He would tell me talking to them would help
them grow, and it really did work. He had the best garden! I always have fresh blooms in my home,
but I thought it would be nice to have some beauty that’s not too quick to fleet. Succulents and cacti
are perfect for this! They are pretty low maintenance and come in beautiful, quirky, shapes and colors. Since
all of the plants outside are dead, I thought it was time to bring some life energy inside my office!
Here are some easy ways to pot succulents/cacti and decorate around your place…

First up! Pick your succulents & cacti. I kept pairings in mind and the size of each glass container.
Place gravel of your choice at the bottom of your container (you can use fish rocks too, they come in great shades).
This will provide drainage, succulents and cacti thrive in a dry environment.
Place a layer of cactus/succulent mix soil and remove plants from the pots. Place them how you like. No rules here!
Then, add a layer of sand to make it pretty!

I love freshening up the shelves in my office with new plant life.
Add any accents you see fit! My amethyst crystal wanted to hop in and hang with his new friends!
A minimal piece on its own can make a pretty statement as well.
My side desk (away from the computer), where I sketch and dream in front of my vision board.

I love how the plants and fragrance bring the space to life!
Moon Cactus (my fave), colourful & quirky!

Happy Planting! xo