Hound Collection Cork Collar (we love our Toronto peeps!)

Lucy’s very own Tee Pee! We read that Jackie’s love the cave-like feel, so naturally we had to find the most chic girl cave for her! We got ours from Etsy.

Donut Bed from Wayfair – she is napping right now on this bed as I type this, it’s like a fluffy, cozy cloud they sink in to. She loves digging/hiding her head when she sleeps, so cute!



She’s a daddy’s girl! Neal knew instantly she was the one, she ran right for him and gave him a million kisses! Melt my heart…


The Jolly family is growing and we are so excited to introduce everyone to our sweet Lucy girl! As most of you know, I’m a crazy dog lady and have an obsession with our family husky dog, Bandit. He lives with my parents and although I go over all the time to give him love, Neal and I knew we wanted to have our own pup living with us. Last summer we rescued a Jack Russell off the side of the road who was blind and almost hit by a car, we thankfully reunited him (his name was JJ, but we all called him Alfredo, haha) with his owners, but he definitely made us fall in love with Jack Russell Terriers. I’ve always been a big dog person, but these little guys stole my heart. Enter Lucy! She’s energetic, playful and dominant, and yet sweet, loving, friendly and the best companion. I’m going to be sharing a lot more of her, so I hope you don’t mind all of the doggy posts coming!!

We’re so excited, grateful and thrilled we get to be her parents! Thank you for filling up our hearts already, Luc!