Good Morning Babes! Sorry for the radio silence on the blog last week, if you follow me on social media then you know we’ve been in New York for a bit of fashion week and whenever I am in NY I feel like I am pulled into a vortex. It’s so fast paced (except when you’re stuck in ubers lol) and a lot is going on. We made a cool NYC vlog while we were down there to share more behind the scenes of a trip like this as well. We were in New York for three days with Victoria’s Secret for the launch of their new fragrance, and while I was there I got to go to some cool events, catch up with friends who live in the city, take some meetings and pop in to the Kate Spade show (we’re working together next month, stay tuned!).

I’ve done NYFW for a few years now, and I always feel so grateful to be invited because it was something I had always dreamed of attending when I first started my career. While I do love fashion, feeling inspired by the creative work, collections, shows etc. – I personally don’t cover it extensively on my blog or social. I have found over the years my readers (you!) resonated more with what I was wearing (real girl, street style thats attainable), what we ate, where we stayed in the city etc. rather than the shows. I know that your feeds must be clogged (if you follow a lot of bloggers) with a lot of fashion week posts, and while I have nothing against the shows or people wanting to share (I truly love the shows), I just personally don’t share a lot of it on my platforms. It’s a bit overwhelming for me whenever I am there for fashion week, if I am being totally transparent, so I’m a lot more particular of what I say yes to, how much and what I want to post. There was once a time I felt I had to be at all of the shows and events, I had always dreamed about attending fashion weeks in New York & Paris (I mean if anyone wants to send me a ticket to a couture show I probably won’t turn it down, haha) and yet while it’s so inspiring, I prefer to share more lifestyle, every-girl content with you all. I just crave to create whats on my heart: faith, love, everyday affordable style, creating a cozy home where moments can be enjoyed and traveling the world with my husband. I enjoy being relatable to you all. I read a similar article to my thoughts and feelings by Garance Dore in the latest issue of InStyle magazine called “In and Out of Fashion” and I love this thought she shared: “Life is about joy, about finding whats real for you, and then about finding people who share that vision. Don’t listen to what people tell you is “cool.” Follow the vibe you feel deep down — it will never steer you wrong.” It was so refreshing to read that from someone who is so respected in the fashion industry! I created this blog to share aspirational and attainable content and I always want to stay authentic to that! So, to summarize everything, my fashion week coverage will be short and sweet, and just what resonates with my beautiful, awesome, supportive, kind, creative and smart readers. I hope you all enjoy the content we have for you this week. Thank you for supporting my blog, the brands who support this blog and my vision always! So grateful for all of you and the opportunities I have to share! XOXO

First stop in NYC: a date with one of my favourite gals and fellow blogger, Nastasia of Dame Traveler. We are working together on an exciting collab of travel stationery for SS PRINT SHOP as well! We had coffee after we landed, and then met up again for dinner in the evening. You know those people you meet and instantly connect with? Love this girl, she’s one of the sweetest souls!

Victoria’s Secret Angel love! Elsa was so sweet and kind and the new fragrance launch “LOVE” smells like a dream! One of my first/fave perfumes when I was a teenager was the Angel perfume by VS, so it was so cool to be there with that brand to celebrate something new. Life comes full circle!


We stayed at the WestHouse Hotel (right around the corner from Time’s Square) and pretty central to everything. The beds were super comfy and I loved the marble bathroom! They also had complimentary breakfast (which was very substantial, not just pastries) and cocktails/light fare from 5-7pm in the evenings which is a great money saving tip if you’re in NY, because food can get pricey! Definitely experience New York’s food scene, but if you need to save on a day here always check what your hotel offers complimentary.


We had lunch with Victoria’s Secret at one of the cutest, smallest restaurants I have ever been to called While We Were Young...



Popped over to Grand Central Station Oyster Bar to check out the Kate Spade spring collection — they always have the cutest presentations! I love how they’re changing things up!

Kate Spade: Top | Skirt | Bag | Shoes

New York has the most amazing restaurants hands down, and I really should try new things but I can’t stop going back to byChloe! I’m not vegan, but her food is soo good! I always get the classic burger and the taco salad. The mac & cheese (somehow made out of sweet potato, but it tastes like cheese!?) is also drool-worthy!

Met up with my other friend, the sweet Caila! We connected on a press trip here in Canada, and it was so nice to catch up with her again. I love how passionate she is about love and life, she’s an amazing story teller too – I always watch her insta-stories!

Beautiful views from the rewardStyle HQ fashion week retreat…

Hope you enjoyed this post and my thoughts on NYFW! More looks to come and also our vlog (so be sure to subscribe to my channel here). Happy Monday loves! xoxo

09.11 | NEVER FORGET | JOHN 16:33

My thoughts are with the city of New York today…