With the start of the new year, I’ve been trying to get a few things in place before diving in. Last week we took some time off to focus on the vision for our business with other like-minded creators in California and when we returned I was in full organization mode in the condo. We got to a few things before the new year, just taking that time during the holidays to purge, so we didn’t have as much to do when we got back. It felt like my mind and living space finally got decluttered and I could propel in to 2019. It’s so true what they say, when your place is a mess, your mind feels like that too. The nature of my job and living in a condo isn’t the best for minimal space, but if it’s taught me anything it’s that I’m happier with less “stuff.” I have no problem giving away, donating and editing down to just things that serve me. Since we work from home, this is crucial. While I aspire to be organized, I am admittedly terrible at keeping it that way. I do things 60% instead of the full 100, which leaves those projects or tasks undone and then I’m trying to dig myself out. Anyone else that way? Having systems in place is so key, so I’m sharing some below as well as inspiration for the other areas of our place I want to tackle next…

The “Cloffice” — closet & office space

Living in a condo you have to get creative with space! We have 2 bedrooms, so we converted one into my closet/office, we even have Neal’s desk on the opposite wall of the closet system (not pictured) so it can fit both of us in there! If this doesn’t stay tidy, we literally cannot work in there! I got an IKEA Pax Wardrobe System (watch my closet tour video here if you want to know more about it) and strategically sectioned everything off. This is a lot easier to keep everything in its place, as well as get dressed!

Pull Out Drawers + Dividers

Having dividers, containers and sectionals to keep everything in its own place is key! It also kind of gives it a “boutique” feel to display all of your accessories, makeup, bags, jewelry etc. For smaller things like undergarments, bras, socks etc. I love using drawer organizers as well!

Divide + Conquer

Having a section to hang pants, jackets, longer dresses etc. and dividing everything up in that sense is a lot easier than mixing them all together in cupboards and hanging a combo of tees, with tanks, sweaters and jackets all together. I also use the same type of hanger and colour (all white) to make everything pleasing to the eye and cohesive!

Rose Gold Wire Wall Grid // Wall Mount Steel Bin // Hat Hooks

Faucet // Bar Stools (similar) // Cutting Boards // Aesop Soap


Neal and I hate having anything on our kitchen counter, it makes it look and feel cluttered so we do our best to keep appliances stowed away and an organized pantry for easy grabbing. We actually have quite a substantial counter for a condo, so because it is such a focal point in the room, we have to keep it tidy. That’s when clever pantry storage has to come in to play…

Pantry Organizer Bin // Glass Jars // Mesh Stacking Bin

The Pantry

I did a whole post on how we organized our pantry here, and my trick is to keep the things we don’t use as often at the top, stowed away in neat bins. Then, items we use more daily can be easily reached at the bottom! I like baskets that I can see through, so I don’t always have to climb up on a stool to see where I put what!

Medicine Cabinet

Protein powder/collagen up at the top, kitchen cleaning supplies, extra soaps, essential oils in the mid sections and daily vitamins/medicine at the bottom for easy reach. Again, love having bins to organize and be able to pull out and grab exactly what we are looking for, rather than tossing things around while searching. We edit this often to make sure it doesn’t get over cluttered and check expiry dates.

Shelf // Letter Board // Santorini Church Art Print // Horses Art Print // Chunky Knit Blanket // Bead Cross (similar) // Baskets  // Magazine Bin (similar here  and here)


I love that organization can also be a pretty way to style your pieces. These little baskets on our shelf hold a bunch of miscellaneous items for us on our shelf: journals, keys, some dog supplies, our wallets etc. So even though there is a mix, it all looks tidy and stowed away. They also really ground the shelf from all of the other white decor and space, with the natural braided seagrass texture. We keep our magazines and books neatly stacked here, while still being easy to reach, along with decor pieces that inspire us. Everything has it’s place and purpose, while still looking presentable (and not knickknack-y).

Next Up: Fridge & Bathroom Organization

My next two projects (I’ll be sure to shoot and share on the blog) are our fridge and bathroom. I’ve always wanted one of those impeccably organized fridge organization systems, so I am off to purchase some more bins. Just dividing things up can really make a difference and it’s easy to pull out and grab. We have a small bathroom, so we have to get more creative. I already have some IKEA hacks in place, but it once again got cluttered, so time to edit and re-organize. Stay tuned for those posts!

In the meantime, visit my Pinterest for more inspiration! Hope you found this post helpful. Let me know your organization tips in the comments below…