Outdoor Voices Cool Down Kit: Sweatsuit + Tote | Outdoor Voices BPA Free Water Bottle

Neal and I ventured up to Prince Edward County to enjoy a little bit of nature and calm before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We love doing things like this together and taking time just for us. It’s been a nice detox (before all of the sugar cookies) to focus on wellness. I never travel without a bottle of lemon water, especially on road trips, it wakes me up and energizes me. Post-workout or outdoor winter activity I love coming back to rest in this cool down kit from Outdoor Voices. It’s comfortable, but also flexible for either rest or run. The temps are well below 0, but if you dress up in layers you can still get outside and enjoy activities outdoors together with friends or your partner like skating, taboggoning, snowboarding, snowshoeing etc. It brings you together and you get a great workout from it!