It’s currently spring break in Canada, and some of you might already be on your sunny vacations or departing soon, so since I just went on a trip recently I thought I’d share my packing essentials…


First up, I never travel without my RBC Visa Infinite Avion credit card because I earn points when I use my card to book travel related purchases like rental cars, hotels and more, which is great because those extra points are getting me on my next trip faster! Another reason why I love it is because this credit card has no blackout dates or flight restrictions, so you have the flexibility to make travel plans at your convenience on the airline you prefer and the route you want — that means no faced unnecessary stopovers! Right now is peak travel season — everyone wants to getaway to a warmer destination and escape winter and you can do that with ease as an Avioner! This credit card is just as essential to me as my passport for traveling, so naturally they’re the first two things I think of to pack.

If you’re headed somewhere sunny then I highly suggest bringing a bunch of swimwear – If I am going away for 7 days I will pack one for each day! That might sound like a lot, but you can’t always wash and dry your swimwear (and going from salt water to chlorine can make them stink). I did a whole post on my favourite swimsuits currently you can find here. I also always pack a beach coverup I can throw on over my swimsuit to go to lunch on the beach side restaurant on the resort.

Be sure to pack a camera to capture all of those memories! Sure it’s convenient to have your phone to snap, post and scroll, but I recommend leaving it in your hotel room and being present. Taking time off your digital device during your vacation is really important and overlooked. I see so many travellers on their phones (since wifi is more accessible now) and they barely looked relaxed! You can always share some photos from your trip on social in the evening (I get it, I’m a blogger, it’s part of my job to share). I highly recommend bringing an actual camera with you to the beach or on excursions to capture memories and take a break from the digital world. I love these instant polaroid cameras!

Practice safe sun by bringing lots of SPF with you! I have one for my face (Olay Whips) and Sun Bum for my body. I never leave without this in my luggage, or my beach bag!

While you’re out in the sun, you’ll want a big hat to protect your face (and hair) from burning or drying out. I also just love having a hat to take some cute snaps on the beach — they make for nice photos! I wear mine on the plane or stuff the hat with socks to avoid getting damaged in my luggage (my little trick).

I loved this lounge dress (it’s also a PJ) to throw on after showering and you just want to hang out in something comfy on the balcony before dinner. It comes in a pretty floral print that’s very tropical appropriate! I always remember to pack comfy lounge pieces like this because the whole point of a sunny vacation is being able to relax, so don’t forget your lounge-wear (we usually pack bikinis for day and dresses for night).

Something that gets overlooked are a good pair of sneakers. Even if you don’t plan on working out on your vacation, I love these for excursions and travel-wear (sometimes you’re walking forever in those airports). The colour they come in is just gorgeous too!

Lastly, these are my carry-on bag essentials…

RBC Visa Infinite Avion Credit Card, Medicine Bag, Silk Eye Mask, Protein Bar, Deodorant, Lip Balm, Hand Lotion, Passport, Watch, Magazines & Books.

Thank You to RBC Avion for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own.