Being pregnant during the winter, a global pandemic and currently on lockdown, I’ve had to think of little “pick-me-ups” to enjoy this season of life. Things like brunching out at a restaurant, shopping for baby items in store or getting pampered at a spa seem like foreign concepts now, but the optimist in me is always looking for the silver lining. For me, personally, this baby has brought so much joy to our lives, I don’t really feel sad about anything I may be “missing out” on during the pandemic, because I feel so full and excited to be experiencing this. Just because the times may not be the “norm” doesn’t make being pregnant any less special. I am immensely grateful daily for this gift and making our own magical moments carrying her! She has definitely been our light and we look forward to the future with so much hope.

Still, I know it can be hard for many to experience pregnancy during times like this. It can be hard on your mental health when the weather is cold, and gloomy, you can’t connect with your people in person or go out to get pampered, plan a baby moon etc. So! I wanted to share what I do to help me enjoy the day to day even with restrictions. So much is going on in your body and it’s so important to take care of yourself and bebe throughout this process, keeping stress low.

Do Yoga & Stretch Daily

Growing a baby can bring on all kinds of aches and pains on your back, hips, legs…just about everywhere! I have found it so helpful to do even a short little video to keep mobility in my body, focus on my breath and connect with baby. It’s also great for reducing stress! Set up a cozy spot, maybe light a candle, roll out your mat and put on a cute workout set to motivate you. These have been some of my favourites for pain relief, as well as relaxation…

Have A Spa Day

One of the things I love to do is have little self-care routines at home. Even just showering and giving myself a blow out feels good (I love this hair dryer brush)! I like to slow down in the afternoons and do my skin and body care routine out of the shower. About twice a week, I’ll use this at-home facial steamer and put on a face mask (I’m liking this one currently). It feels so good! After that I’ll sit in my robe, journal (I’m writing in this pregnancy journal to pass down to her) or read a book (just stay off your screens), with dim lights, soft music and relax. Ask your partner to give you a massage on your back (laying on your side or sitting up) and make it a relaxing evening. Another thing I love are foot soaks! Hanging out on the couch watching The Bachelor or reading a book using this foot bath (it has bubbles and heat) is my fave. Finding little ways like this to unwind has helped me feel pampered during my pregnancy.

Get a Treat

Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house with Neal, hop in the car and go get some type of treat! Ice cream, bubble tea or a little takeout with curb-side pick up from a favourite restaurant — it’s the little things that bring some “normalcy” into our weeks. Getting out of our condo and going for a drive is so necessary, especially while the weather is cold and gloomy. It definitely helps my mood and my cravings, haha!

Get Outside

It has been so cold (I’m talking -18 degrees celsius) so my daily walks have definitely been reduced lately…but when the weather is tolerable, I love bundling up and taking Lucy out for walks. It really makes a difference to get some fresh air, increase that oxygen and be in nature. I smile whenever sun pours into our windows and take full advantage of good weather to be outside! It’s all about trying to stay grateful daily and find little joys — that is how I get through all seasons of life.

Stay Inspired

While you can’t casually stroll the aisles of a baby store, it’s fun to create mood boards for baby’s wardrobe or nursery on Pinterest and shop online boutiques! Since we found out we are having a girl, I’ve been having so much fun planning and focusing on that which is a nice distraction. Here’s a little peek at the vibe we are going for…

I know being pregnant during this time looks different, but I hope you’ll still find ways to feel pampered, joyful and grateful because it truly is a blessing! Nothing can take away how special this time is and I hope you can make the best of it. Sending love to all of you mamas!

Peace and Grace,