It’s that time between the holiday and New Year’s Eve where we reflect, still reeling from the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks and now a fresh start is on the horizon! There’s so much pressure for resolutions and the clouding of our own thoughts about the year that will soon pass (maybe you had set backs, failures etc. – we all do!) and maybe you had your best year yet and want to continue that momentum! I’m partnering with Olivia Burton watches to share how to make the most of your time before 2018 gets here (it is only a few days away) and I wanted to share some tips on how I prepare and get myself excited and positive…

MAKE A VISION BOARD // Pinterest or Cut-Out

Every year, I like to make a vision board on Pinterest that keeps me inspired and visualizes what I want to see in my year. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest compilation, it just has to be true to you! Travels, recipes, decor, style, words to live by etc. that you want to cultivate more of. It’s fun to look back at the past year’s boards and see that I’ve executed that DIY, or traveled to the place I always wanted to go (Hawaii was my highlight last year). I add to it throughout the year and use it as a reference whenever I feel uninspired to get me jazzed up again! You can see my board and follow me on Pinterest HERE.

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GET ORGANIZED // New Calendar

One of my big goals this year is better organization. I stayed on top of most things, but there were times I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t keep up with my own calendar. I want to plan better and feel less stressed about my to-do list and inbox. One of my friends Lindsay Letters gifted me this gorgeous white board called The Creatives Calendar for my office and I am obsessed with it! We just added another desk in the office, so Neal and I can work side by side now (and not on the couch). Seeing this above my desk everyday keeps me on task and Neal and I stay in communication about all of the projects we have on the go! It’s been a huge help already!

MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES // The app I love right now

One thing I’m really excited about is my new SWEAT app I downloaded by one of my favourite Instagrammers Kayla Itsines who has inspired me! I love that it has workout gifs for each day and a meal plan all in one app. It’s been a huge encouragement to me and I’m excited to get on a better workout and nutrition plan, especially after the holiday indulging! I love that it’s accessible and on my phone at all times too! Another thing I’m grateful for is my best friend is a personal trainer — so we’re working out 3x a week in my gym (having a buddy to do it with makes it way more fun and time flies).

TIDY UP // Follow a cleaning plan

Living in a small space, it’s especially important to stay on top of the cleaning. With packages, and just overall having a lot of stuff in a small space it can be challenging to keep things in order. I’ve never had a weekly “plan” but I’m going to try my best to stick to one and that it will help us not feel so overwhelmed each month when it all piles up, but rather tackle it day by day, little by little. I found this one here I’m going to follow! I also like taking Christmas decor down just before New Year’s Eve and organizing cupboards, shelves, my closet etc. to start fresh! I put up my Christmas stuff pretty early (the day after Halloween), so I feel like I’ve enjoyed it for a long time!

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