Today is Ash Wednesday which begins the Lent period! I’m part of a non-denominational church (it looks a little different than most churches that have rituals and traditions in each service) but I have always loved the 40 days leading up to Easter. I grew up going to an Orthodox Church with my family (pretty different from what I attend today) and Easter was a big deal (bigger than Christmas) and I loved it! I’m so grateful for the cross and I love honouring it in my heart leading up to the celebration of Resurrection Sunday. My relationship with Jesus is personal, but I do like sharing parts of it here on my blog. Some fast during this season, or give up something they love/might not be the best for them for 40 days (i.e. junk food, alcohol etc). I haven’t decided what that looks like for me starting today (still praying on it) but I’m always trying to have God sharpen me and work on my heart daily and yearly. I’m still sitting with this idea of what to “give up” or I might add something in for the 40 days instead (introducing a new good habit beneficial to my soul). It looks different for everyone and that’s totally okay! Whatever makes you feel closer to Jesus and works for you (I don’t judge people on their walk or how it “should” look like, that’s different for everyone). I believe your relationship with Jesus is a personal, intimate experience (that can and is celebrated and shared with other believers in your community). We’re not meant to do life alone and I love being apart of something like that.

Something I love to re-watch is The Bible series (the one that the History Channel did a few years ago), you can find it online or on Netflix! It’s done incredibly well, and I always bawl like a baby. Something about bringing the story of The Cross alive and seeing it with my own eyes soaks in my heart even deeper. It’s a little pre-Easter tradition of ours.

Worship is another part of my spiritual life that I love incorporating everyday. Listening to music and praising God for who He is and what He has done takes the focus off my issues, everyday anxieties and puts it into this powerful, uplifting act of surrender. I get so much peace from listening to worship music and again, we have this on everyday, but I love creating playlists that help me really meditate on the cross for Easter. A few of my favourite songs are below if you’d like to have a listen…

I also always get the She Reads Truth study books (they are amazing and beautifully done) for my morning routine and they also have a He Reads Truth version (as well as something for the kiddos). We have a lot of elements of our faith in our home all year round, but I love switching things up for spring and Easter to brighten up our space and prepare for the rebirth of this season. I just love it! I shared a few of my favourites below (I’ll also do an Easter decor home tour soon). However you celebrate, I hope you’re reminded how loved and chosen you are (so adored, that He died for you). Happy Lent! xoxo

Easter Bunny Pillows // She Reads Truth Easter Study Book // She Reads Truth Bible // Prayer Beads // Easter Egg Decor // He is Risen Doormat // Bunny Ears Door Wreath