I wanted to share a piece of Joyce Meyer’s ministry on “Getting Your Day Started Right.” Sometimes the bible can be an overwhelming, and it can be hard to understand at times, without additional teaching on it. I always find that ministries help me break down the meaning and apply it to my own life, in the times we are living in now. In this broadcast, Joyce stressed the importance of dedicating time with God in the morning. Mornings are usually a stressful time for most people living in this “busy” era. There are so no excuses, wake up earlier, give yourself enough time to pray, and enough time to get ready and get to work, school etc. You have to prioritize God in your life, and I am positive that you will have better days when you do this. I have to admit, I am at times that person who will wake up stressed with to-do lists, rushing out the door. I have realized the days I took time to read my devotional, or just get up and talk with God – asking what I can do for him, not what he can do for me, were the ones that were the most seamless of days and left me feeling fulfilled and content.

How do you start your day? Do you have a morning routine with God?
Blessings, Stephanie