Earlier this month I was in Florida visiting my girlfriend Sarah Tucker, and part of the reasons we get along so well is because we bond over our deep love for TARGET! Y’all know I am obsessed, and whenever I am in the States, I have to make a little trip. Now because we were flying (I usually drive to Buffalo to get my fix and my sister and I borrow my dad’s mini van so we can stock up – LOL), I had to limit myself with what I could bring back. I found a bunch of random stuff – everything from Valentine’s Day candy/gifts to lounge bras to snacks. I totally forgot to mention the awesome heart shaped pancake set I also picked up and these amazing Tone It Up socks (perfect for working out, I hate when my socks peek through my runners, I love them short). P.S. Links to my headboard (behind me in video) and this pretty pink wrap top I’m wearing here.


Magnolia Hearth & Hand Candle (Pomelo Coconut) // BARK Dog Toys // Lacroix Coconut Sparkling Water //  Lounge Bra // Pajama Dress // Sandals // RX Bars // Justin’s Almond Butter Pack // Annie’s Bunny Snacks