Shoes: Nike Air Max | Sweater: Nike | Leggings: Nike | Bag: Givenchy | Sunglasses: Quay

I love weekends because I can do things just for me! Running little errands like groceries, getting fresh flowers for our place for the week ahead, or grabbing a green juice — this is the stuff that puts a smile on my face. Little things like this help me re-charge, and whenever I’m not in heels for a meeting or a shoot for my blog, I am always in athleisure clothing and comfortable kicks. I still like to have cool kicks when I’m running errands or going for a more subtle look and I love these Nike Air Max Flyknit shoes. I can wear them with post-workout wear, and they also look so cute paired with denim/casual wear — love that versatility! They come in so many awesome colours and styles — and I like to stick to black and white shoes in the gym, but for just dressing casual on the street doing my thing, I love these pink ones! I also love this nude suede pair of Air Max which is perfect for street style. I like to have fun with my style, so these are just perfect for when I’m more low-key.

It’s really important for me carve out time for myself and little moments (i.e. enjoy a smoothie or walk for a few minutes outside) help me step away from my phone and computer and just reset. Here’s the thing, burnout is REAL. I had a lot of health issues related to the stress of constantly working around the clock and taking on a lot of the tasks myself (now I’m very grateful to have help, running two business is a heavy burden to take on all by yourself). It’s so important to charge up after a week and do things that make you smile. When I started my business I sat down at my desk from morning to night and hours would go by before I would even notice I hadn’t even had a sip of water! I was totally absorbed in the projects I was working on, and that was great because I loved my job, but it didn’t always love me back when it came to my wellness. I have since dumped those bad habits, and I take a lot more breaks in my day which actually helps me come back with fresher ideas. There isn’t anything honourable or life-giving about being a slave to your work, so be a rebel, and if you can (I’m looking at my self-employed peeps) play hooky, or really soak in your weekends so you can better serve the people in your life and your business. Maybe it’s as simple as taking a walk, or a stop at a flower market, whatever that looks like for you and makes you happy, just do it! XO