Last month I was asked by Roots Canada to be featured on their website for their
‘Selects.’ Enjoy this ‘behind the scenes’ peek in to my shoot with them at their Bloor St.
location in Toronto (see this amazing holiday transformation video of the store).
Thanks to my Nealy for capturing a little behind the scenes action!

I had such a great time selecting my favourites in the store, it was so difficult to narrow it down
because there were so many goodies. The Cabin Sock collection is definitely a favourite of mine
right now. You can always find the coziest pieces at Roots, and you are guaranteed quality.
It’s the heritage and nostalgic feel it sends me that makes me enjoy shopping there that much
more. Authentically Canadian, what’s not to love!

See what my top picks were & the feature: HERE
Check out other selects: Tyler French & Dan Levy
Thank you to Roots Canada for this wonderful feature!