With work projects, travel and my personal life being so demanding lately, I needed to take “self-care” days! I love these days at home where I can carve out time to take care of myself and recharge. Rest gives me energy to be the best version of myself. My beauty and health routine can sometimes go neglected when life gets in the way, so I like to “re-set” and self-love. My hair was feeling really dry and lifeless after our most recent travels (lots of swimming in the salty ocean will do that to you), and I kind of fell off my healthy routine (thanks to the buffets on our resort) so here’s how I reset with a little self-love…

A hot shower is always the best way to turn your day around, there’s nothing like feeling fresh and clean. I’ve partnered with Hair Food and have been using the new Hair Food Moisture Collection in Honey Apricot and have been loving it! The brand, which is inspired by the nutrition found in super foods, is finally in Canada after launching in Japan a few years ago which is super exciting. Here are some things I’ve been loving:

  • The Shampoos & Conditioners don’t have any parabens or mineral oils, and the shampoos are even silicon free too!
  • It gives such a luxurious lather and my hair feels really clean after
  • The conditioner is amazing because it’s extra hydrating but it also gives a light, bouncy feeling to your locks
  • They use purified water in all their products

I love using honey on my face as a mask, so using this Honey & Apricot duo in my hair feels like its own little treatment when I wash up!

After I shower I blow dry my hair and use a little dry shampoo for texture (perfect for loose curls — my go-to hair style). It’s actually quicker for me to curl my hair than it is to straighten it after a blow out. The one I’ve been using recently is the Hair Food dry shampoo. It uses tapioca starch that doesn’t leave a dull, white residue while absorbing oil and adding texture. They have two kinds and they both smell amazing! The one I’ve been leaning towards recently is the volume dry shampoo with kiwi fragrance because along with a volume boost I find it helps hold a curl and adds a pretty beach texture without it looking dried out. I use this instead of hairspray! They also have one that’s for colour-treated hair and it’s sulcate-free and has a white nectarine and pear scent.

After I’ve fed my hair with love, it’s time to feed my soul and body…

I love doing Yoga. I started it in high school (our guidance counsellor would host it in the gym after school) and I fell in love with the practice right away. It helped me be still, stretch out my tension and centred me. Lucy loves to get involved and do some downward dog with me — it’s the cutest! You’d think it would be a distraction, but in fact she makes me laugh and that relaxes me even more.

Daily verse to meditate: “Kind words are like honey — sweet to the soul and healthy for the body” – Proverbs

After my flow, I love to feed my body with nutrients so I make a healthy smoothie!

Taking time to do a little something for yourself — putting nutrients back in to your hair, skin, body and soul really lifts me up and I highly recommend having a self-care routine daily if not weekly.

Thank You to Hair Food for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own.