Knit Sweater: Old Navy | Vest: Old Navy | Scarf: Old Navy | Gloves: Old Navy

Rockstar Denim: Old Navy | Socks: Old Navy

One of my favourite things about winter in Canada is skating outdoors! My husband Neal and I both love to skate — admittedly, he is way better at it! I used to go to the local community centre to skate with my friends growing up, and so I love keeping this tradition alive with my husband. The trick to dressing warm for skating outside is all in the layers! I’ll put on a tee under a cable knit sweater, like this one from Old Navy, and then a puffer vest with warm accessories. A hat and mittens are a must! You don’t want the cold to get in the way of your fun time. I pick long warm (but still thin) socks to wear with skates that add more warmth and layer under my denim. Now you’re ready for skating selfies! I hope this encourages you to embrace winter and get outside to enjoy the fun activities this season has to offer! XO

Thank You to Old Navy for partnering on this post.