With the change of season I’ve had to change up my skincare routine. I have been using First Aid Beauty
products for quite some time (totally in love with their oatmeal mask), and recently I had the opportunity
to try out a few more. Verdict: fell in love! So here’s what I have been using morning and night as of late,
including what I do when I get those pesky breakouts (because it happens often around here!).


The morning is the perfect time to prep skin for the day, as it has been renewed while sleeping,
I find my skin absorbs product the best in this time frame. I always start off by washing my
face with the First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser. I find it balances my whole skin tone,
calming any redness, which is nice before applying makeup (because you won’t have to apply as much!).
After I pat my face dry, I swipe the Facial Radiance Pads across all zones of my face and neck – I
am obsessed with these things! They wake you right up and exfoliate your skin. My face definitely
craves moisture after this, so I soak in the Ultra Repair Cream. The oatmeal and eucalyptus oil
in this moisturizer actively helps calm my skin from any irritation.
I don’t wear makeup everyday, since I work from home, but if I am, all of this prep helps
my application go on smoother and last longer throughout the day!


If you’re like me, and you breakout, you know how irritating it can be to deal with. Travel,

lack of sleep, “that time of the month” and so many factors contribute to my skin freaking out on me.
Thankfully, First Aid Beauty has a line of products to target these problems as well! When
I’m having a particularly problematic time with my skin, I’ll switch over to the Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser

with red clay. The clay really helps to unclog pores and purify! I’ll also use the Purifying Mask twice a week,
for when things get really out of control. I’m a sucker for peeling masks so this is right up my alley.
I love the way it makes my skin feel after, smooth, but not tight. A common mistake with acne prone skin
is thinking your skin is oily and doesn’t need moisture, when in fact it still does! I like to use

Sesame Oil with Vitamin E. You can pick this up at any health food store, just make sure it is for skin and not food!


Your night-time skincare routine is possibly the most important time to focus on. Too often I get so tired to wash off
the day or my makeup from my face. Never, ever sleep with your makeup on. I learned the hard way

by trying to put that to the test, and it took weeks to reverse the damage! I’m really thorough about making

sure all of my makeup is removed from my face before I go forward with my treatments.
First I take some coconut oil to remove my eye makeup — it is literally the only thing that gets rid of everything and is
gentle enough for my eyes. Then, I use my Clarisonic because I like a deep clean, with my Pure Skin Face Cleanser

once again to remove surface oils, makeup, dirt and grime from the day. I take a hot, wet towel and lay that on my
face to do one final swipe. It also opens up my pores to let the next step sink in. This is when I apply the

Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Creamthis stuff is literally beauty sleep in a jar! Even if you don’t get as

many hours of sleep as you’d like, this cream locks in moisture and your skin appears restored
and rejuvenated by the morning. When you sleep, your skin’s cell turnover is working at its fastest,

so this formula is perfect for the nightly repair phase. I like to use Rose Hip Oil as a serum on top

— don’t worry about layering with this! It is super light and works great to
reverse acne, signs of aging and even eczema. Lastly, I use the Eye Duty Triple Remedy at night.

Let all of this soak in, eat clean, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest (advice I’m still working on myself!).

If you have any questions, sound off below! XO


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Thank You to First Aid Beauty.