DIY Tricks for easy Holiday entertaining by lifestyle expert, Chantel Guertin!
…Stephy needs her Skinnygirl!

Last week I got the “skinny” on how to entertain like a lady with little miss fabulous,
Krystin Lee, for Skinnygirl Cocktails. Fellow Kit contributor, and lifestyle
expert, Chantel Guertin had us getting crafty with three DIYs. Sipping on Skinnygirl & do-
it-yourself projects was definitely entertaining with a group of girls. Later on, top caterer
Elle Cuisine had us use more of our domestic skills, creating delicious Vietnamese
Spring Roll appetizers and our own cocktail. As for the Skinnygirl, the White Cranberry Cosmo
is my all-time favourite, and just so happens to be very in season for the Holidays.
Just add some real cranberries to embellish, pour & serve!

Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe by Elle Cuisine

Part 1 | Part 2

© Photos by Zach Slootsky