Happy Spring! I am so ready for a new season and to let go of the long winter. Spring also makes me feel hopeful for the new things that are on the horizon and the clean slate we have after a long, cold winter. The dead is gone and the new is here. I have to say January to March aren’t the most inspiring months for me, I usually try to travel around that time of year but we are working on other projects that need our attention and to be at home, so needless to say I’m so happy the weather is looking up. These are some things I’d like to do for fun, work and life…

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1) Add a second piercing to my ears!

Something I wanted to do years ago (I am talking teen years) was get a second or third piercing on my ears. I’ve been wearing “ear crawlers” to make it look like I have more piercings (for the record I only have one), but I love the look of small dainty earrings layered (see my inspo above). I felt the same way about my tattoo (which I finally got last year), it’s something I wanted to do but never actually went and did it (and love it, I always look down at it and smile). I think this one will get checked off this season!

2) Deep clean our condo.

February we really took the liberty to declutter our whole place. Every single room and cupboard got gutted, purged and a re-fresh. Going to be sharing our bedroom and living room update with you all soon. Next step, is to do a deep clean (scrubbing, paint touch ups, etc.) to make this place look sparkling again. I love spring cleaning and being fresh for the new season!

3) Donate products/clothes to shelters.

We go through our pantry every quarter to see if there are any items we aren’t using (that aren’t expired) we can donate to the food banks. Usually food banks receive a lot during the holidays, but the spring and summer really slows down and they are still just as in need! If you’re doing your spring cleaning in your pantry, beauty cupboards and closets, always be sure to put aside some things you can donate to shelters.

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4) Write a plant-guide for the blog (my fave ones we have) and how to care for them!

You guys know I love my plants! I also have a few faux plants (if you can’t keep real ones alive) that I love (i’ll share links to those as well). It’s good to have a living plant for the air you breathe though! It’s also a good lesson in responsibility and makes you think of something other than yourself. I grew up with so many plants in our home, a huge garden in our yard and a family who has a love for them 🙂

5) Get on a clean beauty routine and document it!

I’ve been making more of an effort to reach for beauty products that have cleaner ingredients (that are still great for the skin). I want to do some videos on these, I recently collaborated with this brand to share their new makeup range and was extremely impressed!! I want to do the same with my skincare.

6) Go to local botanical gardens.

Neal and I used to go to these all the time to shoot stuff when the weather wasn’t quite nice. I love walking through them (again, the plant lady in me). Being in nature and around plants really grounds me and is so good for my mental health.

7) Visit the Farmer’s Market for some local honey, fruits and veggies.

This is something I love to do spring to fall! There’s nothing better and fresher.

8) Stay on the Paleo diet (the best for my blood type)

Speaking of food, I don’t go on diets, but I like to follow meal plans as a guide (of course I still have pizza and ice cream). The Paleo diet is the best for my blood type (says my naturopath) and I’ve been feeling good on it! There are so many cool and yummy recipes. I’ll be sharing more in my “What I Eat in A Week” video coming soon. I don’t strictly do paleo, but I try to follow it as much as possible! I just listen to my body 🙂

9) Keep up a weekly skincare regime (with masking and relaxing)

I tend to fall off this in the winter, so I have been making more of an effort to get monthly facials, use my at-home facial steamer, mask, light candles and zen out! So good for me mentally and my skin thanks me for it. Time to shed those winter layers and bring out that glowing, healthy skin for spring!

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10) Be creative & get back into my painting.

When I was a kid/adolescent, art and painting helped me with my anxiety. It’s a relaxing way to unplug from the world and technology and just create with your hands. The colours, movement of the brush, quietness and peace that comes along with it, always made me feel good.

11) Launch our *Vision Walls* (collage kits on For Such A Time shop).

I’m so excited for these to come out, another way I can be creative and go back to my first love (designing prints). My goal is to release one every season: spring, summer, fall and winter, this year!

12) Long bike rides.

If the weather permits, I’d love to go on long bike rides with Neal and enjoy the sunshine. I feel like we’ll be able to do that more in April/May, but nonetheless, I love getting outside and moving. Bike rides are so relaxing to me!

13) Explore new parks and trails with Lucy for our walks.

Keeping with the theme of getting outside in nature, Lucy loves to explore and we love taking her places she can sniff around and get all her “jack russell terrier” out of her system. Love those crazy jackies!! Walking her is also the most therapeutic thing to me.

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14) Treating myself to a fun manicure.

I love anything with moons, stars and vintage rainbows right now! I want to get some funky designs for the new season 🙂

15) Plan lunch or coffee dates outside on patios with friends (aka get out of hibernating mode).

Winter doesn’t really inspire many plans (post holidays), you don’t want to drive in a blizzard. Excited for more ice cream dates, long walks and lunching on patios.

16) Type out my daily vitamin schedule and stick on the fridge! That way, I don’t have to do a mental checklist.

I just recently saw my naturopath and checked on what I needed to improve on supplement and diet wise and it’s the been the best investment for my health! Love doing this at least once a year. Check in with your body and mental health often.

17) Book a trip!

We are going to Hawaii, but still need to book our tickets and hotels so that is on my list. So excited for this spring getaway. We went two years ago and I am so excited to be returning! That place is truly magical.


This has been a long, long time coming. Over a year in the works, good things take time. It’s going up this spring and I am so happy to finally have a revamp and a better representation of my brand to hold all of the fun content we have coming up for all of YOU!

I’m so happy it’s spring! What’s on your list?