This year is going by so quickly, so whenever I feel like my schedule is taking over, I love to stop and pause at every season and make a list of things I want to be sure to see, do or experience. Life gets hectic quick, so this is a great way to be more intentional! Here are some little ways I’m making the most out of spring, they don’t always have to be big or time consuming either…

Discover new spots around Toronto: I feel like I’m always seeing a new hotspot pop up on my Instagram feed and I love that about my city! There’s always a new restaurant or cafe to check out and recently I got the best bowl at Lawai’a Poke and this sign perfectly describes my withdrawals from Hawaii! Whenever we’re downtown for shoots, I always try to pop in to a different one each time…

Get my outfit details from this post.

Spring cleaning & a condo refresh: We switched things up recently in our place by adding a lighter rug and crisp white linen pillows to make our place spring-ready! I can’t wait to get new plants for our place, as well as set up our patio on the balcony…

Pillows: Chapters-Indigo | Rug: Wayfair | Tank: Aritzia | Cardi: Free People | Denim: Urban Outfitters

I love these cotton stems (no water required), it just livens up our little shelf, and I’ve re-styled in some pieces that inspire us and set intention.

I’m currently working on a major revamp and clean up of my Cloffice! It’s taken me a while, because admittedly we’ve had our luggages and laundry from past trips piling up — not so fun part about traveling back to back! Things have gotten way too cluttered and less inspiring in there, so it was time to pack up all the heavy winter pieces for storage, bring out my spring wardrobe/shoes and donate the rest! Stay tuned for a closet tour on my YouTube Channel.

This pillow isn’t going to be living here, it’s waiting for our patio furniture to be brought up to our balcony and I love how it’s going to add a summer-y pop! We keep our decor neutral, but it’s fun to play with different accessories and textures to keep it from being boring! Palm Pillow, Urban Outfitters.

S’mores inso from our Canadian Tire shoot – I’m going to be adding all of their amazing stuff to our patio!

Set aside time to be still: Whenever I start my days reading, praying and just being quiet it really sets me off on the right foot before beginning my day. Easter was a great reminder to me of this as I was completing a Lent studybook from SheReadsTruth and I want to continue reading/journaling everyday. I love this practice.

Stop and smell the flowers: Flower markets are the best part about spring for me personally! I look forward to all of my favourites coming into bloom: peonies, ranunculus and juliet garden roses. It brings me peace and joy, and I just love having them in my home. I can’t wait for the cherry blossom trees to reawaken, they’ve been holding out on us because the weather has been up and down. Even though there’s been a lot of rain lately, I can wait for the beauty that’s to come from it!

I always crave change this time of year. Maybe it’s because nature is in transformation all around me, i’m looking for the same inside me. I want to be better, and part of that is taking care of myself better. Being kinder to myself, giving myself more grace, eating better (I’m on a sugar cleanse for the next month), and exercising daily. I find when you can do this for yourself, you can love people better and be the best you.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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