When my dear friend Tiffany Pratt designed my room, she kept in mind that I didn’t have a large closet space, so she used a lot of my wardrobe as a way of decorating in a chic way (like my shoe shelf seen here, a garment rack, and additional shelving to store jewels, makeup etc.). Since then I have added my little touches along the way to help storage look pretty and organized. For one, I love how changing up the clothes on my garment rack can add a whole new look to that corner of my space. I change it seasonally (and weekly) to remind myself of outfits I need to shoot for posts. Next, my personal fave: the glass shadow box. I have these all around my room because I think they are a beautiful way to display your favourite things (i.e. sunglasses, a pretty clutch and perhaps gold evening gloves?). Trays are another go-to of mine, I have always loved using them in vignettes. The one seen above organizes all my bedtime essentials: fresh flowers, an iphone dock for charging, a delicious candle and hand creme. Lastly, nesting boxes are another fabulous way to store loose miscellaneous objects such as electronic wires, letters, cards, etc. Hope you enjoyed these simple little tips to add a bit of glamour to your everyday life! XO

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