Last week, SS Print Shop turned ONE! In less than
a year, the little print shop that could, has gone further than I could have
ever dreamed up. I believe it is a true testament to the fact that God’s plan for us is far better than
any make ourselves. I feel incredibly blessed for all the support and
love I’ve received while growing this business. I have poured my heart and soul
in to it, and it has become my full-time job and love. This year has been an amazing
ride, from our first feature (a cover feature!) in Framework Magazine to print, HGTV Magazine (and more to come in Style at Home!), to
countless spreads in Rue Magazine (like here, here and here), the amazing blogs
that have included us in their content and even on television! My friends
and family have been the biggest support system, and that makes all the
difference when you take the plunge in to creating any business. They keep
you going. My boyfriend Neal has helped me in every sense, taking photos,
picking up prints, helping me package, relieving me whenever I felt overwhelmed,
giving the best business advice, or just offering one of
his amazing hugs. Anna, one of my biggest cheerleaders became a business
partner this year, and our first collaboration over here at SS Print Shop, to
create our Stop & Smell the Peonies print that exploded! She’s gone
above and beyond what a friend would do, and made collaborating such an amazing
experience, I can’t wait to do it again! My sweet friend, Sarah – who I
first shared this crazy little idea to open a print shop with — has never stopped
cheering me on through every collection and played an integral role when I got started. Monika (doctorscloset), Michaela, Erica (ecmothdesign), Shalyn,
Julia (galmeetsglam), Danielle (the everygirl), Taylor (glitterguide) and Krystin
(suburbanfauxpas), have showered me with so much love on their blogs, websites, social media etc. supporting my small business. The glitter to my confetti, Tiffany Pratt who
bedazzled my studio and stole my heart with her beautiful soul.

My amazing retailers, including Made By Girl,
Blush Shop, Sweet Praises, The Cross Decor & Design, Lofty Living, and Lulu & Georgia – thank you! Finally, one of the biggest accomplishments this year was having Chapters/Indigo pick up my line of prints, which will hit shelves &
on-line this Fall! To be in one of the biggest book and lifestyle retail chains is an
incredible honour and having my product in their stores is still surreal to me. Every blessing I have mentioned here has come from my Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ. I believe in that whole heartedly. I am forever grateful for every single person that has made this year truly
incredible. It’s not always rainbows and confetti throwing over here. I have worked extremely hard, completely devoted, and have been through a lot of lessons this year. Lessons I will take to improve my business and perfect my craft. I love that I wake up
everyday to a job that I absolutely love, whether it’s a good day or a rough one, the Lord is my shield and strength. Stay tuned for many more bright, playful, colourful, cheeky collections on the way. Thank YOU for letting me do what I love!


top: j.crew (old) | skirt: partyskirts | pumps: j.crew

© photography by neal jolly